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Who We Are

TIGER CLAW KUNG FU ACADEMY is a martial arts training center with the purpose of increasing the depth of its cultural roots and enhancing the lives of children and adults alike. By providing children with opportunities to realize their full potential through fulfilling life experiences, our academy is their Dream maker. 



What We Do

The criteria for dreams to become realities is based upon whether the dream or experience if granted for the youth, will be one that will enrich the child’s life above and beyond those experiences encountered every day.  As a martial arts academy, TCKFA is committed to the idea that even one adolescent or childhood experience may touch a child’s life forever.

By granting “Dreams” for children we increase their self-esteem, confidence, sense of self-worth while providing them with a positive and wonderful experience that they may bring with them throughout the rest of their lives.  Moreover, research has shown that the difference between success and failure in a person’s life can be affected by the presence of positive intervention during childhood.  That is why TCKFA is committed to playing an essential role in our kids' lives.

Why Choose Our Institution?

It is the role of a good martial arts school to teach individuals to take a good close look at themselves. This is one of our primary objectives. Students utilize their training to learn to make changes from within to affect their outward lives. Challenges are met with enthusiasm because of the promise of positive results. Self-confidence is cultivated through patience and gentle guidance. The martial arts student learns to optimize time, guaranteeing an upward spiral of successful events to shape the essence of his/her life.


One constant impression remains: everyone who leaves after training at the kwoon/dojo has had the workout of his/her life! Our comprehensive course study insures a complete martial arts experience for beginners and advanced students alike. Developing strength, flexibility, reflexes, balance, and coordination are all a daily part of martial arts training. Invigorating and exercising the mind, body, and spirit in each training session enrich our path to achievement of our personal best.

Shaolin Tiger Claw Style of Kung Fu:

The principal system taught within our foundation is the Shaolin Tiger Claw Style of Kung Fu from China. This style is a balanced martial system emphasizing the power, tenacity, and beauty of a tiger and the art as a whole. All methods of punching and kicking, clawing and grappling, joint locking, and pressure point striking is explored. The ancient techniques of muscle change are employed to create a strong foundation, enhanced flexibility, strength, energy, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and overall health. We create an understanding for the student that is strong and sound regardless of the student’s experience. We create a martial arts training environment for children of ages 4 and up. Furthermore, with the variety of activities that we create, we help keep the children off the streets and away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Our training also emphasizes self-discipline, self-confidence, environment awareness, and helps to reaffirm and bring out our students' inner-confidence.

Fu-Jow Pai History



Fu Jow Pai (Chinese: 虎爪派, literally “Tiger Claw System”), originally named “Hark Fu Moon” (Black Tiger Kung Fu System), has its origins in Hoy Hong Temple.  The system “was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are lightning fast, agile, and powerful. Techniques unique to Fu-Jow Pai are ripping, tearing, clawing, and grasping applications.








Wong Moon Toy was born in the Guan dong province on April 21st, 1907. He began training in kung fu at an early age. When he turned 20, he had already mastered Hung Gar and Mi Chung I and was accepted as a disciple under his Uncle Wong Bil Hong in Hark Fu Moon, Black Tiger style. Although he had mastered two other systems, training in Hark Fu Moon was notably arduous and rigorous. To reach the standards of his Uncle and of the Hark Fu Moon system, he mastered mental and physical discipline accompanied by great endurance. His Uncle then took him up the Lor Fow Mountains for seven years of intense and strenuous training. Upon returning from the mountains, he was a fully developed genuine martial artist, forged by hard work and discipline. Away from commercialism, devoid of outside distractions, and influenced by a highly evolved teacher tempered him into an unyielding but modest man.

Wong Moon Toy moved to New York City in the early 1900s. Wong Moon Toy taught Fu Jow Pai only to seven disciples. It was there he and the seven disciples opened Fu Jow Pai to the public on October 1st, 1957. A few years later he passed the system on to Wai Hong Ng. On April 21st, 1960 Wong Moon Toy passed away of liver disease.


The founder of present-day Tiger Claw Kung Fu is grandmaster Wai Hong, who had been born in the year 1938. When younger, he learned a variety of martial arts too including the most well-known ones – Choy Lee Fut, Tai Chi Chuan, and Northern Shaolin. Before the passing away of Late Grand Master Wong Moon Toy, he taught the Fu-Jow Pai System to only a select group of disciples. After the death of the late Grand Master in 1960, he left seven disciples, among whom he named his successor; Grand Master Wai Hong. Wai Hong did not only have a vision but also a mission. He wished to break the secrets of different kung fu systems so that all in the public could learn it. 

In 1968, the Chinese Youth Athletic Club was transformed to the Fu-Jow Pai Federation and Wai Hong set up his 1st school in the city of New York. Now, the public could access the conventional system of Tiger Claw kung fu for the first time in a long while. He intended to standardize the methodology of Tiger Claw kung fu by creating a family of members who would abide by love, understanding, and unity. Wai Hong became the initiator of promoting the newly developed system across different universities in America and gathered much respect from professional colleagues and even in his own community. His followers gave him the nickname of the Great Hero.

The attacking mode, as well as the defending mode of the new system, was based completely on the movements of a tiger. When you strike, the movements are powerful, fast, and agile. The techniques found only in this style and no other kung fu style are tearing, ripping, grasping, and clawing. Apparently, the training ensures you develop both physically and spiritually. The system, if practiced regularly, helps to build both your self-defense capabilities as well as a confident personality. The art form is pretty much strenuous and needs diligent commitment to master it. There are several reasons as to why the masters thought it right to be kept away from the general public in ancient times. The fact that not all can match up to such tenacity happens to be one of those reasons, of course leaving aside the fact that secret attacking styles of different grandmasters were wished to be maintained.